Joining Patti Keating’s Mastermind was the greatest business decision I have ever made. I created my podcast, and she helped me create a weekly webinar series and materialized to $70k in monthly company revenue. What surprised me is that I diminished the limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck.  

- Steve Wiltshire  

I LOVED the coaching group! So much so, I'm joining again. Patti made me choose an income goal and I decided--what the heck, I'll just commit to doubling my current income. Well, I made it to 80% of that goal!

-Amy Celona  

What is the Visionary Leaders Mastermind & How Can It Help Me?

  The Visionary Leaders Mastermind is for you if you are looking for a way to move your business forward. You have done all the courses, but you are ready to really up level in your business. A mastermind is the answer, And the Visionary Leaders Mastermind is an opportunity to surround yourself with high level entrepreneurs who will support your, challenge you and lift you up to the next level.  

The Visionary Leaders Mastermind is a life changing 12 month experience.  

There is one thing I promise you. Your life and business will be unrecognizable in 12 months. You will BREAKTHROUGH your fears, limiting beliefs and let go of struggle as you experience a NEW LEVEL of possibility and personal awareness.  

YOU will receive: 

  • Daily Support and Accountability in our Private Facebook Group 
  • Twice Monthly 1-1 Coaching Sessions with Patti 
  • Twice Monthly Group Accountability and Training Calls with Patti and your Mastermind Family 
  • Three 2-Day Events For Massive Up-levels.  

All created to lead you through the biggest up level of your life.  

The Aligned Purpose Inner Circle is Application Only and Limited to Just 8 People.

The power of this group is the group itself. The people you will meet is what makes this experience life changing. As you grow, I grow and I pass on my breakthroughs as I experience them.  

Thats why I am interviewing applicants. It is my life privilege to lead in this way and an interview is essential to assure I am bringing together people who are truly ready to breakthrough as a member of a small committed community.  

Who Is a Great Fit For The Aligned Purpose Inner Circle?  

It’s not for everyone, here is what we look for to qualify members:  

Purpose driven entrepreneurs. Committed to transforming others. Content creators, with an important message / training to share. Business owners who are ready for a massive upgrade in 2019.  

Must be: 

  • Collaborative.  
  • Positive.  
  • Open.  
  • Coachable. 
  • Willing to vulnerable and grow. 
  • Made a minimum of $70,000 in 2018.  


Applications will be open shortly. To be notified simply submit your name and email below.

I’m really blown away…I feel power and fire like I haven’t felt in 20 years. I’m engaged, taking action, not putting things off. If you are considering working with Patti, do it! You will be so glad you did. She is a genius.”  

LaRue Epler